One Call Convenience.

Design/build offers the opportunity for us to deliver clients terrific individual designs and to design in cost efficiencies – making the building experience more affordable and enjoyable.

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Turnkey projects.

Over many years we’be been involved in ‘turn key’ commercial projects for major restaurant and hotel brands; we’ve provided building and site design, construction, and furniture, fixtures, and equipment – all of those disciplines require various levels of municipal representation, logistical coordination, document administration, and management. Additionally we’ve been involved in projects including homes, residential development, banks, and medical/dental.

We’ve served many U.S. states with projects in California, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas,Tennessee, the Carolina’s, Georgia, and the Virginia’s. We’ve also worked in Peurto Rico and Canada.


Zimmerman & Hardy is a small building and design company, service oriented, simple to do business with.

SInce 2005, in addition to commercial bulding, we’ve been designing and building single family homes. We presently offer beautiful homes & home sites in our neighborhood development at Deer Ridge, in northwest Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

~Dave Zimmerman & Dave Hardy


Dave, we thought the whole process was going to be overwhelming with all the decisions that were to be made, but you made it a pleasurable experience. Your selection schedule (and advice) made life easy during the five months of construction, and the quality was first rate!
We want to thank you for building us such a beautiful new home. Many of our friends have commented on your workmanship.
Charlie & Cheryl S.
Thank you so much for your help in building our dream home! Your input was invaluable and we know the house would have never turned out so well without your efforts...